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I don't even...

2012-05-14 23:05:07 by Double-Walker

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I think I need to think for a while...

Well, I believe that's four

2012-04-29 05:22:45 by Double-Walker

Unless I've miss counted, I think I've finally submitted enough pieces to the portal to be eligible for scouting. While I don't expect people to fall all over themselves to get to me, I would like to imagine that there's worse floating around in the art portal than me.

Anyway, I think I might go to the Art Portal, get some critiques and to see where I go from here.

I just can't wait until graduation so:

A) Exams are over
B) I can get a summer job
C) I have more time for me least until she heads out of the country (yes, I said "me")
D) College finally becomes less of a foreign concept and more of an actual place
E) I can hone my ability to crank out drawings like some sort of artistically-endowed machine gun (or lose most of my excuses not to be)

Thanks for dropping by

Well, it's something...

2012-03-18 01:39:32 by Double-Walker

Well, l finally drew something. It's just a rough sketch I did in a few minutes, but I guess it must mean that I'm having ideas again...

More to come.

Hey, hey listen.

2012-02-17 19:05:36 by Double-Walker

Well, finally actually submitted something again. I feel like I'm getting a little better but no where near "good." In any event, one more and I might actually get to submit to the actual Art, there's that.

On a brighter note, going to Katsucon with my girlfriend tommorow. Should be cool.

Tumblr pretty much has the whole "ask the..." thing locked up (especially if you're into Homestuck). So, why not do it here too? Frankly, I think with the pool of interesting stuff floating around the flash and art portals, there have to be at least a few characters worth asking a question and (not that anyone cares) I'd probably be open to doing one if someone asked...granted, that entails me do a LOT more drawing and getting scouted at some point.

Well, just thought I might throw that out there.


2012-01-08 00:18:09 by Double-Walker

New tablet :B

Oh, come on...

2012-01-05 21:36:57 by Double-Walker

Three or so hours after joining and my tablet falls and breaks.

What the hell.






2012-01-05 19:12:44 by Double-Walker

What's up? Since I'm new here, I just have a few questions.

First: Wait...I already asked one.

Second: How do I get scouted?

Third: How did you even get here?

Well, thanks for stopping by.