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Well, I believe that's four

2012-04-29 05:22:45 by Double-Walker

Unless I've miss counted, I think I've finally submitted enough pieces to the portal to be eligible for scouting. While I don't expect people to fall all over themselves to get to me, I would like to imagine that there's worse floating around in the art portal than me.

Anyway, I think I might go to the Art Portal, get some critiques and to see where I go from here.

I just can't wait until graduation so:

A) Exams are over
B) I can get a summer job
C) I have more time for me least until she heads out of the country (yes, I said "me")
D) College finally becomes less of a foreign concept and more of an actual place
E) I can hone my ability to crank out drawings like some sort of artistically-endowed machine gun (or lose most of my excuses not to be)

Thanks for dropping by


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